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2023-09-24 13:10
婚姻时差|时差晕机不用担心 10个习惯旅途顺心 [摘要]从乘客到专业飞行人员,几乎每一个乘飞机旅行的人都会被时差影响。一项研究表明,在所有的长途飞行员中,多达94%会经历某种形式的时差。小编为你准备了10个旅途好习惯,帮你度过时差和晕机。       Sooner or later, almost everyone who travels by air—from occasional passengers to professional pilots—is affected by jet lag. One research study reported that as many as 94 percent of all long-distance fliers experience some form of jet lag.       从偶尔坐飞机的乘客到专业飞行人员,几乎每一个乘飞机旅行的人早晚都会被时差所影响。一项研究表明,在所有的长途飞行员中多达94%会经历某种形式的时差。       What is Jet Lag?       时差是什么?       Crossing multiple time zones tends to disrupt your circadian rhythms, confusing your natural 24-hour “body clock,”which regulates your waking and sleeping hours and keeps you aligned with your environment.       跨越多个时区会打乱你的生理节奏,扰乱你自身的24小时“生物钟”,这种生物钟调节你觉醒和睡眠时间,并让你与环境保持一致。       Symptoms of jet lag may include:       时差带来的晕机症状包括以下几点:       Fatigue 、Insomnia、Disorientation、Swollen hands and feet、Headaches、Digestive problems、Lightheadedness       疲劳、失眠、眩晕感、手脚肿胀、头疼、胃肠道症状、头晕       The symptoms of jet lag feel especially acute if you fly from west to east, because it is more difficult for your body to adjust to “losing time”when you journey east than to “gaining time”when you fly from east to west.       如果从西方飞往东方,时差症状会尤其明显,因为相对于适应向东飞行导致的“时间的减少”,你的身体会更容易适应向西飞行导致的“时间的增加”。       And the more time zones you cross during your flight, the more jet lag you"re likely to experience.       此外,你的飞行途中跨过的时区越多,时差反应越明显。       Ten Tips to Help You Avoid Jet Lag       10个小建议帮助你避免时差反应       1.Adjust your bedtime by a hour a day,a few days before your trip. Change your sleep pattern to match the schedule you will keep at your destination. This will help you avoid jet lag during your trip.       1.旅途前的几天,把你的就寝时间调整一小时。根据目的地的作息调整你的睡眠模式。这将会帮助你在旅途中避免时差反应。       2.Resetting your watch at the beginning of your flight may help you adjust more quickly to the time zone you will be visiting.       2.在登机前把手表的时间调整到新时区的时间可以帮助你更快的适应目的地的时区。       3.Drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight. The air on planes is extremely dry, and some experts believe that dehydration is a leading cause of jet lag. Virtually everyone agrees that dehydration can make jet lag worse.       3.飞行前,飞行中,飞行后多喝水。机舱内的空气极为干燥,并且很多专家认为脱水是导致时差反应的首要因素。几乎每个人都同意脱水会使时差反应变得更糟。       4.Avoid drinking alcoholor anything with caffeine during your flight. (That includes many soft drinks as well as coffee or tea.) Both alcohol and caffeine increase dehydration.       4.在旅途中避免喝酒精饮品或者避免摄入咖啡因。(包括很多软饮料以及咖啡和茶)酒精和咖啡因两者都会加剧脱水。       5.Sleep on the plane if it is nighttime at your destination.Use earplugs, headphones, eye masks or other sleep aids to help block out noise and light, and a travel pillow to make yourself more comfortable so you can sleep.       5.如果目的地正值夜间,在飞机上睡一觉。用耳塞、耳机、眼罩或其他助眠工具帮助阻隔噪音和光线。准备一个旅行枕头让自己更舒服,这样你就可以睡觉了。       6.Stay awake during your flight if it is daytime at your www.riversong.cn, talk with other passengers, watch the movie, or walk the aisles to avoid sleeping at the wrong time.       6.如果目的地是白天,那么保持清醒。看看书,和其他旅客聊聊天,看看电影,在走道上走走以避免在错误的时间睡觉。       7.Exercise as much as you can on the flight, but review the two preceeding tips. If you need to sleep to match nighttime at your destination, do that.       7.旅行途中尽可能多的运动,但是也要参考之前两条小贴士。如果你的目的地是夜晚,你需要睡觉,那就睡吧。       Try these in-flight exercises:       试试这些机舱内运动:       Stretch your back, arms and leg muscles       伸展背部、手臂和腿部肌肉       Walk up and down the aisle when the seat belt sign is turned off       当安全带信号关闭时,可以在走道上来回走走。       Squeeze a rubber ball or a pair of socks to stimulate good circulation in your hands and arms; alternate hands       挤压橡皮球或者袜子来促进手和胳膊的血液循环;两手互换进行。       While sitting in your seat, lift one knee and flex your foot for the count of 10; repeat with the other leg       坐着的时候,抬起一个膝盖,弯曲你的脚数到10;另一只腿重复这个动作。       Many airlines include instructions for in-flight exercises on a card or in the airline’s magazine; check the seat pocket in front of you.       许多航空公司在卡片上或者航空杂志里印有舱内运动说明,你可以检查一下面前的座椅口袋。       www.riversong.cn lightly but strategically. Some people adhere to various “jet lag diets,”but I’ve never found one that was worth the trouble it took to follow it. Still, it makes sense to eat foods that support your needs and can help you avoid unnecessary “jet lag”conditions.Remember that high-protein meals are likely to keep you awake, foods high in carbohydrates promote sleep, and fatty foods may make you feel sluggish.       8.饮食清淡又要合理搭配。有些人坚持各种“时差饮食”,但我从没发现任何一个可以解决时差问题。尽管如此,吃一些满足你身体需求的食物是有意义的,并且它也可以帮你避免一些不必要的时差状况。       9.Take supplements. Some people claim that melatonin will “cure”jet lag by promoting sleep. Others swear by a homeopathic product called N***.A natural hormone produced by our bodies, Melatonin can be purchased onlineor at most health food stores. N*** is available onlineand at many retail outlets that sell travel supplies.       9.摄入一些补充剂。有些人认为褪黑素因可以促进睡眠所以可以“治愈”时差反应。其他人极其信赖一种叫做N***的产品,这种产品倡导顺势疗法。褪黑激素是一种我们身体自然产生的激素,可以在网上或大多健康食品店买到。N***可以网上购买,也可以在许多销售旅游用品的零售商店购买到。       10.Relax on the first day at your destination. If you have the luxury of arriving at your destination a day or two before you have to engage in important activities that may require a lot of energy or sharp intellectual focus, why not give yourself a break and let your body adjust to the time change a little more gradually?       10. 在到达目的地的第一天放松一下。假如你有幸在参加一项费时又费脑的重要活动前一到两天抵达目的地,为什么不给自己放个假,好让你的身体更加渐进的适应变化。 婚姻时差|时差晕机不用担心 10个习惯旅途顺心 https://www.riversong.cn/yingyu/347318/